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LAST UPDATE: 01/05/2021
The Privacy Policy is part of the General Terms governing the Website together with the Cookies Policy.
Go Caribic S.R.L. reserve the right to modify or adapt this Privacy Policy at all times. We therefore recommend that you review it each time you access the Website.

Who is responsible for processing your data?

Data collected or provided voluntarily by browsing the website or by sending it to us via contact forms, email or telephone shall be processed by the Data Controller, whose details are indicated below:
Go Caribic S.R.L.
Address: Avenida Manolo Tavarez Justo, Plaza Turisol No. 55, Puerto Plata 57000, Dominikanische Republik
If, for any reason, you want to contact us on any matter related to the processing of your personal data or privacy, you can do so through any of the means indicated above.

User registration on the website / Submission of forms

To access certain products and/or services, such as booking, the user must fill in a form. For this purpose, a series of personal data are requested in the registration form. The data are necessary and mandatory to perform such registration. If such fields are not provided, registration shall not be carried out.
In this case, the browsing data will be associated with the user’s registration data, identifying the same specific user who browses the Website. In this way, it is possible to customise the offer of products and/or services that, in our opinion, best suits the user, as well as recommend certain products and/or services.
Each user’s log data will be incorporated into the Go Caribic S.R.L. databases, together with the history of operations performed by the same, and stored in them until the account of the registered user is deleted. Once such account is deleted, such information will be removed from our databases, and data relating to transactions carried out will be stored for 10 years, without them being accessed or modified, in order to comply with the legally valid deadlines. Data that are not linked to transactions carried out will be stored unless you withdraw your consent, in which case they will be deleted immediately (always taking the legal deadlines into account).
The legal basis for processing your personal data is the signing of an agreement between the parties.
With regard to the electronic transmission of communications and promotions and the response to requests for information, the legitimacy of the processing is the consent of the affected person.
The purposes for processing are as follows:

  1. a) Manage your access to the website.
  2. b) Manage the purchase of the products and/or services made available to you through the website.
  3. c) Keep you informed of the processing and status of your requests, purchases and/or reservations.
  4. d) Respond to your request for information.
  5. e) Manage all the utilities and/or services offered by the platform to the user.

Thus, we inform you that you may receive communications via email and/or on your phone, in order to inform you of possible incidents, errors, problems and/or status of your requests.
For the sending of commercial communications, the express consent of the user at the time of registration will be requested. In this respect, the user may revoke the consent given by contacting Go Caribic S.R.L., by making use of the means indicated above. In any case, in each commercial communication, you will be given the possibility to unsubscribe from receiving them, either through a link and/or email address.

What will we use your personal data for?
  • To answer your questions, enquiries or requests.
  • To manage the requested service, answer your enquiry or process your request.
  • To send information by electronic means related to your request.
What is the legitimacy for processing your data?

The acceptance and consent of the person concerned: In cases where to make a request a form needs to be filled in and then the submit button clicked, making such a request shall necessarily imply that you have been informed and expressly granted your consent to the content of the clause attached to such form or that you have accepted the privacy policy.
All our forms have a checkbox with the following formula in order to send the information: “□ I have read and accept the Privacy Policy.”

Do we include third-party personal information?

No, as a general rule we only process the data provided by the holders. If you provide us with third-party data, you must, in advance, inform and request the consent from such persons, or otherwise release us from any liability for breach of this requirement.

Will we make communications by electronic means?
  • They will only be made to manage your request, if it is one of the means of contact that you have provided us.
  • If we make commercial communications, they will have been previously and expressly authorized by you.
What security measures do we apply?

You can rest assured: We have adopted an optimal level of protection of the Personal Data we handle and have installed all the means and technical measures at our disposal, depending on the state of the technology, to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the Personal Data.

To what extent will decision-making be automated?

Go Caribic S.R.L. does not use fully automated decision-making processes to enter into, develop or terminate a contractual relationship with the user. In the event that we use those processes in a particular case, we will keep you informed, and we will inform you of your rights in this regard if prescribed by law.

Will profiling take place?

In order to be able to offer you products and/or services in accordance with your interests and improve your user experience, we may develop a “business profile” based on the information provided. However, no automated decisions will be made based on that profile.

To what recipients will your data be disclosed?

Your data shall not be transferred to third parties unless legally required to do so. In particular, they shall be communicated to the State Tax Administration Agency and to banks and financial institutions for the collection of the service provided or product purchased, as well as to those responsible for the processing necessary for the execution of the agreement.
In case of purchase or payment, if you choose an application, web, platform, bank card, or any other online service, your data will be transferred to that platform or processed in its environment, always with maximum security.

International transfers.

We transmit your data to recipients outside the scope of the regulation of the EU-DSGVO only insofar as this is necessary for the execution and processing of the travel services or is required by law or you have given us your consent (e.g. long-distance travel).
This data processing is a permissible exception from Art. 49 EU-DSGVO. Insofar as a third country transfer takes place when using processors, this is secured, among other things, with EU standard contractual clauses in accordance with Art. 46 Para. 2 lit. c EU-DSGVO. If necessary, the EU standard contractual clauses are supplemented by further contractual assurances.

What rights do you have?
  • To know whether or not we are processing your data.
  • To access your personal data.
  • To request the rectification of your data if they are inaccurate.
  • To request the erasure of your data if they are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected, or if you withdraw the consent granted.
  • To request the limitation of the processing of your data, in some cases, in which case we will only keep them in accordance with current regulations.
  • To request the portability of your data, which shall be provided in a structured, commonly-used or machine-readable format. If you prefer, we can send them to the new manager you designate us. It is only valid in certain cases.
  • To file a claim before the Data Protection Agency, if you believe that we have not processed your data appropriately.
  • To revoke consent for any processing you have consented to, at any time.

If you modify any data, please let us know to keep them up to date.

Do you want a form for the exercise of rights?
  • We have forms for the exercise of your rights, ask us by email or, if you prefer, you can use those prepared by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or third parties.
  • These forms must be electronically signed or accompanied by a photocopy of the National ID document.
  • If someone represents you, you must attach a copy of their National ID document or have them sign it with their electronic signature
  • The forms can be presented in person, sent by letter or mail to the Manager’s address at the beginning of this document.

You have the right to file a claim before the Data Protection Agency, in the event that you believe that the request for your rights has not been adequately addressed.
The maximum time limit for resolving by Go Caribic S.R.L., is one month from the effective receipt of your request by us.
You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time for any processing you granted.

Do we process cookies?

If we use other types of cookies that are not necessary, you can consult the cookies policy in the corresponding link at the end of our website.

How long do we keep your personal data for?
  • Personal data will be kept as long as you remain linked to us.
  • Once you are disconnected, the personal data processed for each purpose will be kept during the legally prescribed periods, including the period within which a judge or court may require them based on the limitation period of legal proceedings.
  • The data processed will be maintained for as long as the legal deadlines referred to above do not expire, if there is a legal obligation to maintain them, or, if there is no legal deadline, until the interested party requests its deletion or revokes the consent granted.
  • We will keep all information and communications regarding your purchase or the provision of our service, during the term of the warranties of the products or services, in order to address possible complaints.